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Care and cleaning of BSG glassware


Glasses: All glassware from Baltic Sea Glass is hand-blown and retains maximum beauty if washed by hand, so this is what we recommend. Washing our glassware in a dishwasher increases the risk of it being chipped and etched and developing a cloudy, lusterless surface over time.


Vases: We recommend using demineralized water as this will prevent the formation of limescale rings in the vases. If tap water is used, any limescale rings can be removed with acetic acid, for example.  Remove dirt using warm soapy water. Brushes have been specially made for our Treben vases, and these brushes make it easier to clean the vases.


Candlesticks: We recommend using self-extinguishing candles or being very careful to make sure that the candle does not burn all the way down to the holder, as there is a risk of the glass cracking upon direct contact with the flame.




Terms and conditions of sale and delivery


The following terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to all consignments sent from Baltic Sea Glass ApS. These terms and conditions apply to cases where no other written agreement has been entered into between you, the buyer, and Baltic Sea Glass ApS.




Price, delivery and transport:


We use PostNord to send all our consignments.


Delivery prices:


Denmark, without direct delivery = DKK 49.00


Denmark, with direct delivery = DKK 69.00


Norway, Sweden and Germany = DKK 300.00


Rest of the EU = DKK 350.00


All other countries = DKK 650.00




The delivery of goods from Baltic Sea Glass is considered complete once the consumer has received the consignment.




Delivery time:


As all our glassware is hand-blown, a delivery time of approximately five (5) workdays should be expected, counted from registration of the order. The payable amount will not be withdrawn from your account until the consignment is dispatched from Baltic Sea Glass ApS.




Transfer of risk for the products:


The risk for a product purchased from Baltic Sea Glass ApS is transferred to you, the consumer, at the time when the product is delivered.






Any faults or deficiencies relating to the delivery of products from Baltic Sea Glass ApS must be cited within a reasonable period of time after discovering the fault/deficiency. It is your duty to specify and, upon request, to show how the fault or deficiency manifests itself. If you discover a fault/deficiency, you must contact Baltic Sea Glass ApS without delay. As a general rule, it is only possible for you to file a complaint concerning faults/deficiencies that show up within one (1) year after a product is delivered to you.


As a customer, you also have the option of filing a complaint directly with the European appeals board “Online Dispute Resolution” via this website http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr




Price and payment:


The webshop accepts the following cards for payment:


- Dankort


- VISA/Dankort


- MasterCard




All prices listed at Baltic Sea Glass ApS—on the website http://www.BalticSeaGlass.com—are inclusive of Danish VAT.




Right of cancellation:


For products purchased from the Baltic Sea Glass webshop, there is a fourteen (14) day right of cancellation, counted from the day you receive your products.

Gifts purchased from the webshop from November 1st to December 24th may be exchanged through January 7th.

You are under an obligation to return the products in the same condition and quantity as received. You yourself must defray any costs involved in returning a product.





General information about the company: 


Name: Baltic Sea Glass ApS


Address: Melstedvej 47, DK-3760 Gudhjem, Bornholm


Corporate form: ApS, public limited company 


CVR/VAT number. 2103 7338


Year formed: 1981 by Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner.


Tel. number: +45 5648 5641


E-mail: bsg@Balticseaglass.com