For 40 years, Baltic Sea Glass has invited guests inside what was once a chicken coop. Today, the old hen house creates the setting for a sensual experience as guests walk through the gallery and shop to the open workshop. Every day, guests can get really close when Baltic Sea Glass' glassblowers work with the hot glass glass. Over the years, Baltic Sea Glass has stuck to their DNA with great conviction. With Maibritt and Pete's fantastic ability to bring life and movement into the glass, Baltic Sea Glass today has a prominent position in the Danish and international glass world. In April 2020, new forces were added to the management of Baltic Sea Glass, who now together with Maibritt breathe life and movement into the 40-year-old life's work. Likewise, there was an 'upgrading' on the glassblowing front, so today they have Tobias Sode at the helm of their Unika production. The collaboration between Maibritt, Tobias and the rest of the team is extremely fascinating. The studio on Bornholm is a creative development center for some of the Nordic region's most talented glassblowers. As a team, they help to explore and challenge the endless possibilities of glass and set a high standard for Danish glass art. Their strong position in the glass world is supported by Bornholm's status as a World Craft Region, while Bornholm's nature is expressed in Baltic Sea Glass' unique works in alluring colors and shapes. Follow us on facebook and instagram, where Baltic Sea Glass invites you inside and shares stories and sources of inspiration or visit the gallery during their opening hours on Bornholm.

Baltic Sea Glass production