Welcome into the heat

On the rocky coast southeast of Gudhjem you will find world-class art. In our studio, the finest craftsmanship meets a glowing passion for the endless possibilities of working with glass.

Visit the webshop with glass for everyday use and unique pieces. And if you want to get up close when the secrets of glass art is revealed, you are also welcome in the studio - with both workshop, shop and events.

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The collaboration & inspiration

The inspiration for our work comes mainly from the nature at Bornholm. The creative process is a "Ping-pong" between us and the hot glass mass. Our interpretation is based on a common ground, through curious interactions, which eventually end up in a joint collaboration. This is where our hearts are!

Corn is grown in our garden…not yellow, sweet corn, but the multicolored Maize of native Americans, developed from wild grass in the Central America of antiquity. Biodiversity: plausible coincidences, consistency, and multiplicity…all components of a wonderful plant. Corn is a fantastic inspiration source. Who would have thought, something as simple as Corn, can become a cascade of shades, tones, repetitions, and uniformity.
The Hive was blown down by the wind . It had an unbelievably complex structure consisting of hexagonal tubes. The Hives depth was formed by hollows that intensified the shadow and light .
The Ocean
The repetition, constant motion. The Sea, this liquid, - which in many ways reminds of the hot liquid glass, we work with. Vibrating colors and textures never the same ... Like a menacing heavy blue thunderstorm or a bright summer day with the most beautiful turquoise water, waves ; wave splashing; waves - to capture the moment !
Where we live, on the Danish Island of Bornholm, the winters are dark and cold. The small amount of chilly daylight, surrounded by water in numerous frozen states, brings forth untold sources of inspiration. Glass can be compared to a fluid, like water. We normally express our ideas using molten glass; We work in fluids. When the glass mass cools, it can be identified with something frozen, like ice.