Glass: All glass from Baltic Sea Glass is mouth-blown and stays most beautiful if washed by hand, so this is our recommendation. The risk of washing them in the dishwasher is that they are more easily cut and get a whitish matte surface over time. The so-called "glass plague" can not be removed from the glasses again.

Vases: We recommend using demineralized water, this way you avoid limescale in the vases. If you use ordinary water, any limescale can be removed with e.g. acetic acid. Remove dirt with warm water and soap. For our 3-leg vases, there are also brushes that have been made especially for this and make cleaning easier.

Candlesticks: We recommend using self-extinguishing candles, or be extra careful that the candle does not burn down completely, as the glass may burst when in direct contact with the flame.

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