New Owners at Baltic Sea Glass

It is with great respect for Maibritt Jönsson & Pete Hunner's life's work that Michael Brandt and Jan Engelbrecht took over Baltic Sea Glass on 2 April 2020.

Maibritt Jönsson herself states the following about the transfer:

Pete and I have reached a point in our lives where we, for various reasons, need to think new thoughts for both Baltic Sea Glass and for us. We believe that the time is right to pass on the company to new forces who can take Baltic Sea Glass into its next face.

It is Michael Brandt's vision to continue the glassblowing southeast of Gudhjem as one of Bornholm's leading glassblowers, to the great delight of the permanent residents and the many tourists who visit Baltic Sea Glass every year.

The workshop and shop in Melsted will continue to function both as a glassblowing factory and a creative and active development center, which can partly give the individual glass artists inspiration and room to create and partly give the visitors an inspiring experience. It is also with great pleasure for Michael that Maibritt will continue to be associated with Baltic Sea Glass as a mentor and creative soul.

Michael Brandt has previously worked with i.a. Georg Jensen, Eva Solo, Kosta Boda and Iittala, so glass art is not foreign, but more so a fascination. Partner Jan Engelbrecht is the owner of the internationally brand Eva Solo.