A journey through 40 years

Baltic Sea Glass has over the years stuck to their DNA with great conviction. With Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner's fantastic ability to bring life and movement into the glass, Baltic Sea Glass has today taken a prominent position in the Danish and international glass world. In April 2020, new forces were added to the Baltic Sea Glass management, which now together breathe life and movement into the 40-year-old life's work. The studio on Bornholm is a creative development center for some of the Nordic region's most talented glass artists. As a team, they help to explore and challenge the endless possibilities of glass. It is also in the studio on Bornholm that the designers purposefully immerse themselves in the glass's design and expression, in order to create timeless Danish craftsmanship that lasts for generations. Baltic Sea Glass' strong position within Danish handicrafts is also supported by Bornholm's status as a World Craft Region. A distinguished international title.

Baltic Sea Glass takes pride in designing timeless utility glass with a sculptural expression that catches the eye and curiosity. For everyday or festive occasions.

In order to make room for the creative development within both utility glass and Unika art in the studio on Bornholm, parts of their utility glass production have been outsourced to recognized manufacturers in Europe for several years.

With the manufacturers 'almost 100 years of experience in mouth-blown glass and Baltic Sea Glass' strict guidelines, it is today a close collaboration on a common passion for the glass craft.